Our company, one of the leading establishments of the country in its field, was established in 1985. Currently it is among the companies, which manufacture fenders for ships, yachts, tug-boats, piers and ports in Turkey.

 Providing its services in a small workshop in 1985, our company is manufacturing its products in a 6600 m2 enclosed space, the machine shop in Tuzla and the rubber processing facility in Gebze today.

 We have become one of the leading companies in Turkey with our R&D works and laboratory systems. As you will be able to infer from our website generally, our company will continue to be a leading establishment by producing ship and yacht technical parts, and fenders for tug-boats, piers and port facilities.

 Besides providing our products to the four corners of our country, we are exporting to the foreign countries directly as well.

 Our products guaranteed and registered to our name and we are proud of serving you for long years as aresult of those works.



• Manufacturing reliable products by making a difference with a quality philosophy of focusing on the customer expectations.
• Increasing our competitive power through continuous improvement efforts.


• Becoming a leading company in Turkey and the world that develops the ship side industries and human resources of our country.
• Manufacturing fenders for the ships, yachts, tug-boats, piers and ports for the world markets with a quality philosophy that  will meet the customer expectations at the highest levels.


ERMAKSAN GEMİ (The Company); 

 As a leading company in our the country, it has adopted the target of timely delivery of the guaranteed and quality products it manufactures with the contribution of its personnel, who believe in continuous development, in order to increase the customer satisfaction.

 Manufacturing fenders for the ships, yachts, tug-boats, piers and ports that comply with the quality philosophy aimed at meeting the customer expectations at the highest levels. In line with the continuous development activities, reviewing our processes and targets to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our quality management system; encouraging communication, sharing, support, a sense of cooperation and sense of trust between the customers, company and personnel and ensuring their continuity.

 All the manufacturing and service processes, including the required resources, are documented with procedures. This allows making sure that the works are carried out in compliance with the documented processes, procedures, standards, operating methods and work instructions, whereby the work is performed according to the appropriate procedures.

ERMAKSAN GEMİ plans and applies the monitoring, measuring, analyzing, developing and supervision processes in order to:

• Demonstrate the compliance to the product specifications,
• Ensure the compliance of the quality management system,
• Improve the effectiveness of the quality management system continuously.





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